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Low Noise Low Backlash BABR Series High Precision Planetary Reducer Gearbox

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Precision planetary gear reducer is widely used in the following fields

1 aerospace and military industries.

2 medical and health care, electronic information technology industry

3 industrial robot, production automation, CNC machine tool manufacturing industry.

4 automobile manufacturing, textile, printing, food, metallurgy, environmental protection engineering, warehousing and logistics, and other industries

Motor installation instructions:
1. Confirm the specifications of the motor and reducer, and wipe the mounting surface of the motor and reducer clean
2. Take the 2 black dust caps out of the body
3. Remove the original key on the motor, if necessary, install the balance key
4. Confirm the size of the motor shaft, and if necessary, turn on the shaft bushing
5. Install the motor upright. Use the screw torque meter to suggest 5% of the tightening torque of the motor mounting bolts. In the order of 1-4, use a wrench to gently lock the screws with gaskets.
6. Tighten the tightening torque of the bolts, and use a wrench to firmly tighten the screws on the locking ring
7. Arrange the motor and reducer, and use the torque wrench to tighten the screws with the torque value recommended by the screw torque table in the order of 1-4.
8. Reinstall the black dust cover

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